DSD FIX Technical information

At DSD we have developed the “DSD FIX” a multi-purpose framing system for our screen panels that can be adjusted to work in nearly all applications, while maintaining beautiful clean lines, strength and no visible welds. The DSD FIX is available on all DSD products that require a frame including DSD laser cut screens and DSD Image Perf.


How does it work?
Our DSD FIX system works by utilising the sheet metal that the screen is cut from, we then fold the edges, either once or twice then weld and clean the corners, this makes a very strong frame that can be bolted together with the pre-cut holes.

Our method of manufacture is faster and much more cost effective than convention fabricated box frames and allows you to cover much larger spans simply by bolting panels together.

The DSD fix system is completely flexible with its modular design, if you want to add more screens later simply bolt them on, if you want a double layered screen for more privacy simply screw a flat panel to the existing panels, there are so many possibilities.

If you require additional framework such as top and bottom post or uprights we also have this covered, we can manufacture any additional metal work required to suit your project. We even supply bolts when you choose to use with the DSD FIX system so all you have to do is simply bolt it together, fix it to your structure and enjoy the view.


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DSD FIX timber post

DSD FIX timber fix, you simply screw the screens to timber posts using the pre-cut holes.

DSD Masonry fix, if you have a brick or concrete structure you just simply fasten with masonry ( dyna bolts ) using the pre cut holes in the frame.

If you want to fasten to a face of a structure, the DSD FIX frame features clearance holes on the front face then bolts fasten to the second return.

Some applications only need a single return such as the example pictured that has top and bottom support posts.

If you need top and bottom posts, no problem just ask and we can make you whatever you need to accompany your screens.

Only DSD offers the double screen as part of our DSD FIX system, now you can use 2 colour choices into the design of the screen which creates an amazing effect and added privacy.

The DSD FIX system is completely modular, panels can be bolted side by side or 90 degrees.

Multiple panels and large spans are achieved easily with the DSD FIX system, everything bolts together with ease saving time on installation and all manufactured with laser accuracy.

DSD Multi-panel fix, our panels can be bolted together to cover larger spans.

Contact us today to discuss how the DSD FIX framework system can turn your decorative screen project into an engineered masterpiece that is functional, affordable and built to last.