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How to Keep Your DSD Decorative Screen Looking Its Best

Your DSD decorative screen has a high quality, extremely durable and weather resistant finish. However like all parts of the home, some Decorative Screen Care And Maintenance is required to keep it looking its best 

Deposited dirt can absorb moisture, pressing it against the screen’s powder coated surface, which in turn can cause some blemishing on the coating. This can be avoided with an occasional clean using household cleaning products. Below is some of our ‘dos and do-nots’ for the care and maintenance of your decorative screen product.

Use a Mild Detergent and Warm Water

When cleaning your security screen, use a mild detergent and water. This will remove the grime, dirt and dust, that may accumulate over time

Use a Soft Sponge or Cleaning Cloth

Use a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge to wipe clear any foreign matter from your decorative screen

Clean in a Soft Circular Motion

When cleaning, wipe your decorative screen product in a soft circular motion. Simply wipe away the grime. Avoid harsh scrubbing which may damage the powder coat finish.

Rinse Off After Cleaning

After cleaning with a detergent and water, make sure to rinse off your decorative screen with clean water, until any residue from the detergent is removed.

Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaning Agents

Do not under any circumstances clean your decorative screen using an abrasive or industrial cleaner, such as Ajax or Gumption. Using these may damage the screen’s finish.

Do Not Use Abrasive Sponges or Cleaners

Do not clean your decorative screen using steel wool or other abrasive cleaning cloths. Using these cleaning items may damage the screen’s finish.

Do Not Use Excessive Force

Do not clean your decorative screen by harshly scrubbing or using excessive force. If this is done continuously it will damage your screen’s finish.

Do Not Forget to Rinse

Remember to completely wash off any residue detergent with clean water. This will avoid deterioration of the finish as a result of soap deposition.

How Often Should I Clean?

How often you should clean your DSD decorative screen depends on the location of your home. In most cases a clean every 3 to 4 months is sufficient. However products installed close to more severe conditions, such as those installed close to marine or industrial environments should be cleaned every 3 to 6 weeks to prolong the life span of the product. Failure to adhere to the cleaning schedule will void the warranty of the powder coat finish.

How Do I Remove Scratches?

If small scratches do appear, you can buff them out using a polishing cloth and good quality car polish. In the unlikely scenario of a significant mark or scratch, touch up paint can be arranged.

More Reasons to Choose DSD

Decorative Screen Designs

Unlimited Design Choices

You are spoiled for choice with DSD's range of decorative screen designs. We have the largest range of designs in Australia and if you can't find a design you like, we will create one that's exclusive to you.


DSD have developed a multi-purpose fixing & framing system called DSD FIX. This system can be used on all our laser cut screens & can be adjusted to work in all applications. More importantly it allows you to easily install the pool safe fencing yourself.

Machine Linished

No Sharp Edges

All our building facade screens are put through an edge rounding process which removes the sharp edges and burrs that are created during laser cutting. This process also results in better powder coat adhesion which keeps your screen looking great for longer.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure

DSD will design and manufacture to your exact requirements, saving you both time & money. We offer a full service from start to finish, with folded edges to perfectly positioned stand-off brackets. This makes the install a simple & easy process.


Materials Matter

DSD can manufacture your Pool Fencing in a wide range of finishes & materials: • Stainless steel • Copper • Corten Steel (Rusting Steel) • Aluminium (Powdercoated) • Mild Steel

Dulux Colour Selector

More Colours

DSD's laser cut privacy screens are available in any of the enormous range of Dulux and Interpon powder colours. All our screens are edge rounded and pre-treated to ensure the powder adheres to your screen giving you a screen that will last a lifetime.

Maryln Image Perforated Screen Mid Close up

Perforated Screens

If you want more privacy or need a non-climb screen you've come to the right place. We can convert any of our awesome designs into a perforated screen which means you don't have to compromise on the style & pattern you are after.

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